Many people have Wiccan names, but many people are in the dark about how to obtain a name. Some of these people will go so far as to adopt their Wiccan name as their legal form of identification. This is not necessary, and it is completely up to personal preference. If you are a member of a coven it is quite easy to get a Wiccan name. The coven will give you a name, and that name is what you will be called within that group of people. But how do the solitary practitioners go about it? Here is a general list of guidelines that may help you in your search. None of this is required, and basically it comes down to what name seems to fit right with you.

  • Many Wiccans take a name that portrays either the God or the Goddess. This act is a sign of devotion.
  • Look into you families background and culture. Ask yourself where your ancestors come from. Once that question is answered do some research on the local folklore around that region.
  • Some Wiccans simply make up a name that sounds right to them by putting two words together. The words that are chosen generally end up describing the individual extremely well.
  • Modern American Wiccans tend to take the name of an animal, or flower in their Wiccan name.


All of these are mere suggestions of ways to find your name. It comes down to what you feel like is calling you. If you are in a coven and those people give you a name, through an initiation, or by other means, take pride in the name they give you. Any name that your spiritual family bestows upon you is exceedingly important, but do not fret if you are not in a coven because there are ways to get a Wiccan name on your own. Some Wiccans have adopted more than one name. Each name is used in different instances. For example one name could be used within a coven, and an entirely different name could be used when addressing the God and Goddess on your own.

Good luck in all of your name searches!