Protecting Your Home

What you will need:

Your mind

Meditate for about ten minutes before. Sit in the most peaceful room in your home, like a study or bedroom. Visualize your home or apartment. Picture it clearly in your head then imagine a dome of light encompassing your entire home. Focus on this for as long as you can. If any suitable words come into your mind then speak them out loud.

Before you leave your home each time quickly visualize the dome of light around your home again, and then you can leave in peace knowing your house is protected from all evil.

*** This spell can be used for one specific room in a home as well.***

Protection from Evil

What you will Need:

Five candles

Your voice


Place one candle at each point of the star and speak these words while you light each.

“Spirit of light, I summon you to this circle. Cast your light upon me.
To each candle, grant your power that no evil intrusion may pass, lest it suffer upon it your unyielding retribution
By your will, let this be done.”

Protection of a Sleeping Child

Take a pinch of Frankenstein, Clove, and Salt and grind them up together with your  Mortar and Pestle. Once its ground finely take it and through it under your child’s bed. Speak these words:

“Watch over this sleeping child, the innocent, this bed and any that may it occupy. Guard against all terrors, real or imagined, that this way come and bring tranquility and peace in their stead. So mote it be.”


Protection From Evil

Cast a circle.


”I call Upon the elements Fire, air, water and earth
give my enemy the power to see
The strength of the elements by my side
No rules of fear shall I abide
now when my enemy meets his downfall
this spell will have no power left at all.
so mote it be.

close the circle


Protection Stone

What you will need:

Round Black Stone



Small Gardening Shovel

Submerge the black stone in water and allow it to get clean.

While still wet roll it around in the salt so it clings to the stone.

Hold the rock in your palms.

Speak these words to the stone:

“Now I will no longer have fear

My stone absorbs it here

Nothing can harm me

So mote it be!”

***Then bury the stone in the earth for two nights, and then dig it back up and carry it with you.***