The most popular love spell search is also the most dangerous one. People are always searching for a Wiccan spell that will make a specific person fall in love with them. This is extremely dangerous and should not be sought out. Ever. In a Wiccan love spell it is extremely important to be specific and focus on as many details as possible. For example specify if you want a short term or long term relationship. I would say that love spells are most effective, and safe when you do not have a specific individual in mind, although there are spells to attract a particular individual.

Love spell to attract love

Light a pink candle.

Write down a list of qualities you want in your next partner in red or pink ink, whatever you have on hand.

Say, “Let it be so if they match the list.”

Then take the list and fold it up four times and hold the corner over the flame of the candle and allow the paper to burn. Once it has been lit lay it down in a bowl until it burns out.

Then blow out the candle.

Candle only spell to attract Love

Find a brand new pink candle, never been lit, and something that you can use to carve symbols into that candle.

Use the list at the bottom of this page and carve a symbol for man or woman depending on which you want to attract.

Use the list at the bottom of this page to carve into the candle the symbols for love and comfort as well.

Carve these symbols into the candle as many times as you like.

Light it and let it burn all the way down, or until it extinguishes itself.

While it is lit meditate focusing on the qualities you want to attract.

(Feel free to speak openly if it helps you focus)

Attracting love

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 glass dish
  • 1 pink candle
  • Lavender oil (to anoint the candle and water)
  • Perfume/deodorant/cologne or aftershave
  • 4 dried lavender stems
  • Fresh water

Place the dish in a place that you normally see everyday. Anoint the candle by rubbing the oil lightly on the top of the candle and the bottom then put it in the middle of the dish. Spray the candle and the dish with the perfume, then spray your neck. As you pour the water in to the dish say:

“I wish to find a lover, and I wish for it to last, I wish to find a lover, and I wish it to be fast.”

Keep repeating. As you say the words light the candle and burn the lavender and place them at the positions of north, south, east and west. Once that is done, you can stop repeating. Keep the candle burning for another ten minutes. Repeat everyday at the exact same time, for seven days.