Things you will need:

7 tall white candles

1 shorter candle( the color should represent you, or the person you are trying to give luck to)

Something to carve symbols into the candles

A small bowl of soil/dirt

Carve the good fortune symbol in each candle including the smaller one. You can add more symbols, as many as you want, that relate to your ultimate goal. Place the small candle in the bowl of soil/dirt. Line up the seven candles in a row, these candles represent the seven days in the week to come. Light each candle in order. Sit and meditate about why you need/want the luck for about 10 minutes.  Then blow out each candle out in the order that you lit them.  (Leave the short Candle lit). Let the shorter candle burn out on its own in the soil.

*Tip* Need more luck on a particular day? Let the corresponding candle stay lit until it puts itself out.

Good Luck Chant

Rub your hands together until you can feel the warm energy between them. Then open you palms and chant into them.

“to the sun
to the moon
to the skies
to the water
stars let your fires burn
winds let your strength grow
let us unite
let me shine bright


”Lady luck come out of your hidden course bless your light upon me as the light of the Moon shines above and in the light of luck will be Blessing I, When the Moon Shines”

Good Luck Charm spell

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • coin minted in the year of your birth
  • your birthstone
  • locket
  • candle
  • match or lighter
Using the coin, scratch the stone till’ powder starts coming off. Carefully put the powder in the locket. Light the candle and chant this 3 times. ”Power of light, power of luck, make the dust in this locket, keep the luck in it stuck.” Now carefully use the candle wax to seal the locket shut. Make sure that when you put the wax on, that the wax is still melted and the candle is still lit. Once you are done sealing the locket, let the wax dry. Wear the locket as often as possible