The use of candles in magic is one of the oldest traditions in Wicca. Personally, candles are my favorite item to utilize when doing spells or rituals. Here is a list of candles and their meanings.

  • White- Balances with every color. Healing, truth, peace, spiritual, strength, concentration, getting rid of fear and doubt.
  • Yellow- Activity, Creativity, Sun Energy, Happiness, Self Confidence, Attraction, Charm, Intellect, and Optimism.


  • Gold- Money, Happiness, and Intuition.
  •  Pink- Friendship, Romance, and Love
  • Red- Passion, Health, Love, Strength, Courage, and Will Power.
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  • Silver- Protection from negative powers, Courage, Moon magic, and Welcomes the moon goddess.
  • Purple-Strength, Success, Idealism, Healing, Independence, Meditation, and Protecting your house.
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  • Brown-Healing animals, Finding lost items, Concentration, and Financial Success.
  • Indigo- Used to break curses.
  • Light Blue- Wisdom, Harmony, Inner Peace, Prosperity, Success, and Happiness.
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  • Blue-Peace, Wisdom, Protection during sleep, Peace in the house, and Inner Peace.
  • Grey- Neutralizes negative feelings from other people towards you.

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  • Black- Protection from, and banishment of black magic curses.
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  • Orange- Encouragement, Support to do things.

The best candles to use are those that are home made. They have more energy than machine made, but the store bought candles will do the same jobs for you.

  1. A tip that I like to use frequently, especially with store bought candles, is carving symbols into them. I find it helps me focus on what my goals are and visualizing them being achieved. These carvings will empower them with more energy that is directed to what your using them for.

White pillar candles are my choice to represent the God and Goddess on my altar. Lighting them during ceremonies.

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