ALLSPICE- Prosperity, good luck, and Healing.

ALMOND-Healing, Love, Money.

APPLE-Love spells, peaceful beginnings & Health.

BASIL- Protection in business, prosperity & loving relationships.

BAY LAUREL-Strength, Healing, Prosperity.


CATNIP- Used to make cats more happy, and loving.

CHAMOMILE-Relaxation and Sleep.

CINNAMON-Good for lust, success, & money. I recommend you use it in all love spells.

CLOVE-Calming, Healing, Protection.

CUMIN- Loyalty and Protection.

DRAGON’S BLOOD-Purification and strength.

GARLIC-Protection for the home. Aids in healing.

GINGER- Love and prosperity.

GREEN TEA– Drink for its Longevity & healing qualities.

FRANKINCENSE- Purification, meditative and protection.

HIGH JOHN-Happiness, prosperity and success.

JASMINE-Love, & prosperity.

LAVENDER- -Healing, sleep, purification & love.

LEMON–Purification, love & happiness.

MUGWORT- Protection during travel, healing and strength.

MYRRH-Meditation, purification & protection.

PARSLEY- Lust & fertility, prosperity & protection.

PATCHOULI-Love & Lust, Psychic work & Prosperity.

ROSE-Love, marriage, lust, fertility & protection.

ROSEMARY-Memory Improvement, healing, love, protection and mental strength.

SAGE- health & comfort.

SALT- Purification, protection, & strength.

VERVAIN-Inspiration,Creativity,Protection, Divination, Love, and Protection