There are so many things in life. All moving around you and it can easily become overwhelming. Objects, people, and purposes all shifting this way and that. Everyone and everything pulling you in this direction and that.

At some point everyone needs a moment to themselves. Just to relax and live within a peaceful place even if it is only for a few minutes. My personal place is one of rain.

Sitting in the rain seeing that no matter what happens around you or the subjects pushing and pulling you something will always bring you back to your center. Rain calms me and reminds me that life moves on whether or not I am participating.

It is the most humbling experience in my life. To sit among nature and not be a defining factor within it. Every aspect of you life is a spiritual journey. If only your mind is open enough to see it and absorb all that is living around you.

I challenge all of you to take a moment out of your week. Five minutes and sit outside, whether it be on your porch or a local park. Just take five minutes out of your day and observe nature around you.

Clarity will come..