The lottery was drawn last night. I believe that it was a record high for how much it was worth. We received several questions regarding spells for winning the lottery. Some of you might not understand the concept of Wicca and spells. You can’t just do a spell and then win the lottery. It definitely doesn’t work like that. If every Wiccan did a spell to win the lottery then their would never be a large lottery.

Magic is not like a wishing well. You cannot just throw a penny in and expect something remarkable to happen. What you can do is a spell for luck and that can aid you in winning, although it is never a sure thing. Some people also use candle scrying to try and peak into the future and see winning numbers.

Plain and simple truth, unless your so skilled with scrying that you can find lottery numbers on command, you are not guaranteed anything. Magic is meant to be used to aid you. If you have a test, and you do a spell, this doesn’t mean that you wont have to study. The spell will do nothing without work behind it as well.

Good luck to all on your millions!