There is a trend with Wicca websites online. One that has to do with spells. The trend is labeling spells as beginner to advanced. This is significant only in the fact that you should be a practiced Wiccan to perform the more advanced spells. A beginner spell is no less effective than an advanced spell. Spells, or workings as some prefer to call them, are as powerful as the energy that you put into them. If you meditate on the result of the spell well enough it wont matter if you use one candle or two candles and herbs or anything else.

Spells should be altered to fit an individuals needs. Whatever feels right to you is what you should do. Spells do not require any form of material. You need nothing at all to do a spell. You can sit in the middle of the field, and absorb the energies around you and come up with the same result as you would sitting at an altar.

So the flat answer is no, beginner spells are not less effective than advanced ones. It only depends on the energies you put into one and doing what you think is right for you.

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