I have been interested in Wicca since I was in high school. After exploring several different religions I found Wicca was the one I believed most in. Here I will be documenting my journey, and sharing all of the discoveries I uncover. From what I have learned Wicca is a never ending journey. In my opinion, there is no master in Wicca. There is no one person that is all knowing, but there are people that are more advanced than others. I have been living by the basicย principlesย of Wicca for a long while now.

I am a solitary practitioner by definition, but my husband and I both practice Wicca in the same home, and on occasion together. I am not in a coven nor do I wish to join one.ย I am extremely interested in the divination aspect of Wicca, particularly the black scrying mirror. I hope that will go well for me. Some people say that it doesn’t work for them, but I am determined to work at it until it does. I have not tried any of the divination avenues yet but I plan to try them all.