Journey To Wicca

"Call upon the Goddess and God to protect you and teach you the secrets of magic. Ask stones and plants to reveal their powers – and listen." Scott Cunningham

Year and A Day

It is common practice for those joining a coven to take a year and a day amercing themselves in the Wiccan religion. The majority of this time is spent studying anything and everything they can about Wicca. This practice allows the other members of the coven to become well acquainted with you as well as you learning the principles of the coven.

For solitary practitioners, the year and a day period is also beneficial for some of the same reasons. It promotes self discipline through the study as well as allowing you to find your own traditions and getting to know the goddess.

During this period, as a solitary practitioner you should spend most of your time studying or out in the natural world. Stand in the rain. Track and watch the moon phases. Try to connect. Feel the vibrations and energy all around you. Speak, sing, or chant to the Goddess.This is not a period in which you delve into performing spells and rituals. In a coven, the other members will help guide you on this journey.

For solitary practitioners the best book I can think to recommend is Wicca a Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham. Any of the books by Scott Cunningham will be a wonderful addition to your education and journey. I read and own several of them myself.

At the end of your year and a day you should feel like you are coming home. You should feel very comfortable with the religion and knowledgeable enough to answer questions from those around you as well as have no more unanswered questions yourself. The internet is a great source for answering anything and everything you are curious about. Though I am not sure what a coven will do at the end of your year and a day as I am not a member of a coven, I would recommend a dedication ceremony for those of you who are solitary practitioners. This could be as simple as lighting a candle and expressing your intentions within this practice or as elaborate as you feel is appropriate. And once your year and a day is up you begin all the rituals, spells, forming your own traditions or sharing in those of your coven.

Good luck on your journey, and Blessed Be.

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There are so many things in life. All moving around you and it can easily become overwhelming. Objects, people, and purposes all shifting this way and that. Everyone and everything pulling you in this direction and that.

At some point everyone needs a moment to themselves. Just to relax and live within a peaceful place even if it is only for a few minutes. My personal place is one of rain.

Sitting in the rain seeing that no matter what happens around you or the subjects pushing and pulling you something will always bring you back to your center. Rain calms me and reminds me that life moves on whether or not I am participating.

It is the most humbling experience in my life. To sit among nature and not be a defining factor within it. Every aspect of you life is a spiritual journey. If only your mind is open enough to see it and absorb all that is living around you.

I challenge all of you to take a moment out of your week. Five minutes and sit outside, whether it be on your porch or a local park. Just take five minutes out of your day and observe nature around you.

Clarity will come..

Childhood Wicca

Many people said that when they found Wicca it felt like they were coming home. Sometimes they are more right then they know. Many Wiccans practiced without knowing it, in their very early childhood. Some even remember a time when they practiced Wicca. Personally I after hearing other accounts I realized I was doing the same.

When I was young I used to go out into the back yard and gather scraps of tree bark, leaves, and flowers and put them in some sort of arrangement on the ground. I loved sitting in nature, and sometimes would choose to lay near a tree and watch the clouds roll by. I didn’t know what that meant for a long time.

Some Wiccans were far more advanced in their adolescence. One Wiccan in particular was scrying from a very young age without realizing it. She utilized the flame of a candle or a rushing river. Although some Wiccans experienced this not all have, and that does not make one more group better than the other.

Can you recall a time in your childhood when you were unknowingly practicing Wicca? Leave your comments below!


Item On Spotlight

Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner

Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner

This Book is the one thing I would invest in if you are just getting started with Wicca or if you are simply researching or looking into Wicca. This is the most famous, and most helpful book, out their for you. It will give you history, background, principles of Wicca, Wiccan beliefs, Spells, symbols. Anything you need to know or you are interested in you can find in this book. If for whatever reason you are searching for something more specific and do not see it in this book, then you will find it in one of Cunningham’s many many other publications. Merry Meet to all of you new comers, and Blessed Be to everyone.

Spells for The Lottery

The lottery was drawn last night. I believe that it was a record high for how much it was worth. We received several questions regarding spells for winning the lottery. Some of you might not understand the concept of Wicca and spells. You can’t just do a spell and then win the lottery. It definitely doesn’t work like that. If every Wiccan did a spell to win the lottery then their would never be a large lottery.

Magic is not like a wishing well. You cannot just throw a penny in and expect something remarkable to happen. What you can do is a spell for luck and that can aid you in winning, although it is never a sure thing. Some people also use candle scrying to try and peak into the future and see winning numbers.

Plain and simple truth, unless your so skilled with scrying that you can find lottery numbers on command, you are not guaranteed anything. Magic is meant to be used to aid you. If you have a test, and you do a spell, this doesn’t mean that you wont have to study. The spell will do nothing without work behind it as well.

Good luck to all on your millions!

Response To Valerie

There is a trend with Wicca websites online. One that has to do with spells. The trend is labeling spells as beginner to advanced. This is significant only in the fact that you should be a practiced Wiccan to perform the more advanced spells. A beginner spell is no less effective than an advanced spell. Spells, or workings as some prefer to call them, are as powerful as the energy that you put into them. If you meditate on the result of the spell well enough it wont matter if you use one candle or two candles and herbs or anything else.

Spells should be altered to fit an individuals needs. Whatever feels right to you is what you should do. Spells do not require any form of material. You need nothing at all to do a spell. You can sit in the middle of the field, and absorb the energies around you and come up with the same result as you would sitting at an altar.

So the flat answer is no, beginner spells are not less effective than advanced ones. It only depends on the energies you put into one and doing what you think is right for you.

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My Journey To Wicca

I have been interested in Wicca since I was in high school. After exploring several different religions I found Wicca was the one I believed most in. Here I will be documenting my journey, and sharing all of the discoveries I uncover. From what I have learned Wicca is a never ending journey. In my opinion, there is no master in Wicca. There is no one person that is all knowing, but there are people that are more advanced than others. I have been living by the basic principles of Wicca for a long while now.

I am a solitary practitioner by definition, but my husband and I both practice Wicca in the same home, and on occasion together. I am not in a coven nor do I wish to join one. I am extremely interested in the divination aspect of Wicca, particularly the black scrying mirror. I hope that will go well for me. Some people say that it doesn’t work for them, but I am determined to work at it until it does. I have not tried any of the divination avenues yet but I plan to try them all.

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